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This is my best shop for all kinds of Government concerned books and forms including all other relevant books. I was a regular customer of this store from 1980 to 2005, when I was employed in a factory situated at Sewree in those times
One stop store for all kinds of Government as well as statutory forms, register books as well as other compliance stationery products.


Description of Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai

Registers, Forms, Bare Act books, Abstracts of various labour Laws to be displayed like Contract Labour Act Compliance book, Factories Act forms and registers, Shops and Establishments Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages, Building and Other Construction Workers, Workmen Compensation Act, GST, State and Central Excise, Companies Act, Society (Housing, Credit, Trusts, Federation), Provident Fund, ESIC, Income Tax, Luxury Tax, Professional Tax, Ration, Customs, Textiles, Motor Transport Act, Octroi, Sales Promotion, Petty Cash Record Book, Two Column Cash Book (Double) , Three Column Cash Book (Triple) , School Attendance Registers etc Premium Nylon Rubber Stamp, Company Seal Box File, JK A4 buy Copier Paper online, Parker Pen, Calculator etc Happy To Serve (Since 1948)

Bapuji Stationery Parel Shop (since 1948)

Compliance stationery items to be maintained for labour officer as per acts and laws and Registers to be maintained by Society, Sanstha, Pathpedi, Mandal, Sanghatan, Trust, NGO etc
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Bapuji Stationery Parel Shop at Mumbai provides also for : Law office stationery items , Diwali to Diwali diary , April to March Diary, Rojmel book No branch of this Shop | Sunday Closed Do you use Facebook? Here is the link to get connected

Office Stationery items

  • Box File, Office supply ledger book or
    JK buy Copier Paper online
    Parker Pen, OHP marker and
    Calculator or others

Social Stationery Items

  • Voucher book or
    Receipt book
    Delivery challan and
    Gift envelope

Shop Stationery Items

School Stationery Items

  • Compass box or
    Pencil and also
    Notebooks, long books or others

What registers are available

Law Stationery registers and account books

Companies Act (Consolidated Company combined Statutory Registers or others), and Shop and Establishments Act, Petty Cash Book, Office register book (C ruled register single line or columns), Two Column Cash Book and Three Column Cash Book for record keeping, Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner, Manufacturer or Factories Act (Stock register book and others), Registers to be maintained under Contract labour act CLRA regulation and abolition Forms and or Labour Law, books (for example Wages Slip book), Hotel and Restaurants (Luxury Tax), Housing Society and also Credit Society , Society Bye Laws, Bank and also Workmen Compensation Act, Building Construction and Minimum Wages Act, For Unions and Public trust and Provident Fund, Motor Transport Act, Customs, Textile, Ration, or Octroi, ESIC Register, Sales Promotion, School Registers, Measurement book and sheet for field, civil construction, building, architectural drawings, tailors, and also Other Register account books, as per the Acts and Law

Which new registers are available

Newest format register books

GST Invoice and Job work challan (New), R.G.1 (New GST format), Contract Central Labour Law compliance register books called as form a b c d register under Contract Act (New), Form Q Rule 26(1) Muster book cum Wage and attendance register with time in out, Leave Register form O under Shop Act (New), Labour Law registers to be maintained under shops and establishment act compliance, and also Statutory register book

What are older format register available

Older format account books registers

Sales Promotion B, C, D and E, Building Construction Form IX and X, RG1 and RG23 State and Central Excise Act register, and RG 2 register book (old and also new format RG1 stock register GST), RG 3 AND RG 4 Register book, RG23D, Invoice Manufacturing, ARE1 etc, Factory Act register Form 14 and 15, Daily Production Report and Lime wash Registers for Customs, Textile, Ration and also Motor Vehicle Acts, Form 7 Health register, Form 30 Accident register, Luxury Act L Holiday register and Hotel register book, Appendix V register, Minutes book and Others


That's not all

That’s not all… Service book For Schools Salary Pass book Collection book, Bin card for stock account running balance material storage notes, Motor Log book Field measurement book and sheet. Use it for civil construction, building, architectural drawings. In addition, use it for tailor alteration. Gujarati Rojmel book , Diwali Diary. School and College Notebook. In addition, Long notebook and Writing pad etc

What i get


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This is the thing : Textbooks of School or College are not sold here


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