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One of the Oldest Stationery Shops in Mumbai (since 1948)

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One of the oldest

and reputed Legal Stationery Stores in Mumbai

Welcome to Bapuji Stationery Shop

Established in 1948, Bapuji Stationery Shop provides Forms, Registers, Abstracts and Books of Acts and Law. We have complete sets of stationery items related to following categories. We also provide Office Registers

    • Central and State Excise
    • Factories Act or
    • Shop and Establishments Act
    • Companies Act or
    • Provident Fund
    • E.S.I.C Scheme
    • Minimum Wage Act
    • Income Tax
    • M VAT
    • Professional Tax
    • Luxury Tax
    • State and Central Contract Labor
    • Housing and Credit Society
    • Public trust and Unions
    • Company Act or
    • Building Construction Workers Rules
    • Octroi
    • Ration or
    • Textile
    • Customs or
    • Motor Transport Act and
    • In addition also Other Acts and Laws

You can also get :

  • Office and School Stationery
  • Religious books (Gita in different languages) and
  • Also some General knowledge books also

In addition you can order these items too. In conclusion we hope this helps in your search for
stationery shops in mumbai

Bapuji Stationery Mart – happy to serve you!

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