Office space in Mumbai for sale

Available Commercial Property Space in Mumbai for Sale With Immediate Possession, Get It At Best Price Today

Commercial Office space in Mumbai for sale, Manufacturing Business Industrial gala in Sion east for sale 960 square feet Ground floor

Spacious Commercial property in Mumbai for sale, Can also be used as Warehouse

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Prestigious Industrial land in Mumbai for sale,

Industrial Gala For Sale in Mumbai – An amazing opportunity to own a very spacious and beautiful industrial gala in Industrial estate Mumbai at a very affordable price

Pristine Factory for sale in Mumbai, usable as Commercial Office space 

Can be use for any business or factory

This gala in Industrial Estate has been built with utmost care and attention to detail. The building is located in one of the most sought after locations in Mumbai. The property offers an excellent return on investment as it is situated close to major highways and rail lines. The property also comes with a huge parking space.
The property is centrally located in the prime location of Sion East. It is surrounded by various commercial establishments such as malls, bank, bus stand, market, school etc. The area is well connected to other parts of Mumbai through roadways and railways.

It is not only good to buy for your business, but also an ideal investment option for those looking to invest in real estate. The property offers a wide range of amenities such as 24 hour security, power backup, water supply, parking space, etc.

Address: Nirmal Industrial Estate, Near Vegetable Vitamin company, Sion, Near Nehru garden, Mumbai 400 022

This Commercial Real Estate can also be used as Warehouse in Mumbai, for sale

Industrial property for sale in Mumbai / Industrial gala unit 

Contact only through message via Whatsapp number 8591081839

Industrial gala for sale
Commercial office space

What You Get In This Commercial Space:

  • This business property for sale will be suitable for any kind of a business or office set-up

    Just to name a few :

    • Office space for IT companies, and
      Service providers, and
    • Pharma companies, and
    • Graphic designers and also
    • Any manufacturing industry

See how this commercial property for sale in Mumbai works :

Facilities like 24*7 water and electricity supply, open parking space all are available, and

The industrial land for sale is strategically located in close proximity to major landmark like Nehru Garden, and

Area enjoys a favorable location. The locality easily connects to the other parts of the city. It makes a great investment for any buyer,

Also, please see this is Industrial Gala, and you can use it as office space

Industrial gala in Mumbai

Office space in Mumbai for sale

There are several ways in which an industrial gala can be used as a commercial space in India. One such use is as a warehouse. It is also possible to convert these properties into offices, showrooms etc. Another popular use of industrial galas is as a manufacturing unit. These units can be used for production of various products.

Industrial unit 960 square feet carpet area(89.19 sq.m) of 15 Horse Power Printing Press

Genuinely Interested parties are welcome to inquire may send email from above link, or click here to send WhatsApp to inquire about the commercial office space in Industrial land.

Do not forget to include the words ‘Regarding commercial property’ with your introduction with photo of your card (Estate agent or buyer or investor) in WhatApp or email message 

Visit to site can be scheduled accordingly

The unit comes with

  • A fully furnished office space
  • Ample storage units with Pantry, and
  • Two washrooms,
  • and also Balcony
Commercial property in Mumbai

Uses of Industrial Gala in Industrial Estate in  Mumbai

Industrial gala spaces in Industrial Estate in Mumbai are highly sought after by businesses of all sizes. These large, versatile spaces offer a range of benefits, from affordable rent to ample space for storage and manufacturing. Here are some of the top uses of industrial gala in Mumbai:

Manufacturing units in Mumbai:

One of the primary uses of industrial gala spaces in Mumbai is for manufacturing. These spaces provide ample room for large-scale production, allowing businesses to produce their goods efficiently and cost-effectively.


Another popular use of industrial gala spaces is for warehousing. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and online retail, many businesses require large, secure storage spaces to hold their inventory. Industrial gala spaces offer plenty of room for storing goods, and they are typically located in convenient areas with easy access to transportation.

Industrial Gala in Mumbai as Office space:

Some industrial gala spaces in Mumbai are also used for office space. These spaces are ideal for businesses that require a large amount of floor space, such as call centers, software development firms, or research and development centers.


Industrial gala spaces can also be used as showrooms, allowing businesses to display their products and services to potential customers. These spaces can be customized to suit the needs of the business, and they offer a prime location for showcasing products and attracting new customers.

Creative spaces manufacturing business for sale in Mumbai:

Industrial gala spaces can also be used as creative spaces for artists, designers, and other creative professionals. These spaces offer ample room for creating and displaying works of art, and they can be customized to suit the needs of the artist or designer.

Event spaces in Mumbai commercial property:

Finally, industrial gala spaces in Mumbai are often used as event spaces. These large, versatile spaces are ideal for hosting conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other events. They can be customized to suit the needs of the event, and they offer plenty of room for attendees to move around and network.

In conclusion,

Industrial gala spaces in Mumbai are incredibly versatile, and they offer a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need space for manufacturing, warehousing, office space, showrooms, creative spaces, or event spaces, industrial gala spaces are an excellent choice.

What is cost of land in Mumbai?

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The cost of land in Mumbai can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as location, size, and zoning. However, in general, the cost of land in Mumbai is considered to be among the highest in India.

Most expensive areas in Mumbai for Business office space for sale

The most expensive areas in Mumbai, such as South Mumbai, are known for their prime locations, scenic views, and proximity to key commercial and business districts. Properties in these areas can command prices in the tens of crores of rupees per square meter.

For example, a 1000 sq.ft flat in South Mumbai’s posh areas like Malabar Hill, Breach Candy, Nepean Sea Road can cost anywhere between 2-4 crore rupees.

Distance from city center for Mumbai Commercial Property

On the other hand, areas that are further away from the city center or considered to be less developed can be more affordable, with prices ranging from a few lakhs to a few crores of rupees per square meter.

Factors affecting price of Commercial real estate property for sale

The cost of land in Mumbai is also affected by factors such as zoning regulations, infrastructure development, and demand. For example, areas that are designated for commercial or industrial use can command higher prices than areas designated for residential use. Additionally, areas that are well-connected to key transportation routes and have good infrastructure can also command higher prices.

Time of purchase of an industrial factory for sale

It’s worth noting that the prices for land fluctuates and it’s advisable to check with local real estate agents for the current prices as it can vary depending on the timing of the purchase and the current market conditions.

In conclusion about this industrial unit for sale,

the cost of land in Mumbai can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as location, size, and zoning. However, the city is known for having some of the most expensive land prices in India, with properties in prime areas such as South Mumbai commanding prices in the tens of crores of rupees per square meter. The cost of land is also affected by factors such as zoning regulations, infrastructure development, and demand.

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The best part for This Industrial gala for sale

This Industrial land unit is part of the renowned “Nirmal Industrial Estate” complex. See the area of this Industrial land for sale in Mumbai through Google maps by by clicking here

Commercial property in Mumbai

Benefits of Industrial Gala Industrial Estate in Mumbai

Industrial gala, also known as factory sheds or industrial sheds, are large structures used for various industrial purposes in India. These sheds are typically made of metal or other durable materials and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as the wear and tear that comes with heavy industrial use.

There are many uses for industrial gala in India. One common use is as a factory or manufacturing space, where products can be produced on a large scale. These sheds can also be used as warehouses for storing finished products or raw materials, as well as for distributing goods to other locations.

In addition to their use in manufacturing and storage, industrial gala are also used for a variety of other purposes in India. For example, they can be used as workshops for repairing and maintaining machinery, as well as for storing tools and equipment. They can also be used as showrooms or exhibition spaces, where companies can display their products or services to potential customers.

Another important use for industrial gala in India is as storage space for agriculture and farming equipment. With the country’s large agricultural sector, there is a need for large, durable sheds to store tractors, harvesters, and other farming machinery. These sheds can also be used to store feed and other supplies for livestock.

Overall, industrial gala play a vital role in India’s industrial and agricultural sectors, providing necessary space for manufacturing, storage, and other important functions. They are an essential component of the country’s infrastructure, helping to support economic growth and development.

Are you looking for Office space in Mumbai?

This commercial real estate for sale is available for sale in the prime location of Sion (East), Central Mumbai suburbs

Price : 2.88 cr (Negotiable and as per market rate) 

In addition, the building is service industry of nearly 30 years old and maintained properly, and

Also, there is CCTV on every floor apart from day and night watchman, and

In addition, then there is no restriction of parking for any number of cars, and

Gala number is 5 and 6 named “Bapuji Printing Press”, and

The space has total carpet area of

  • 960 square feet with
  • 2 bathrooms, and also
  • one Office and big balcony

Maintenance charge of society, and

Power license, and every license and permit is up to date, and

Utilize the gala as office space in Mumbai, and

So, if you are interested then, please arrange personal visit to see and judge this gala personally,

In conclusion, hope this industrial plot satisfies your search for office space to buy commercial property  near south Mumbai

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The commercial property Industrial gala commercial office space is near south Mumbai

A large number of people are looking for an investment property in Mumbai or to improve their business. If you are one of them then you should consider buying an industrial gala in Mumbai. This type of property has been gaining popularity among investors because of its high return potential. 

Address given above

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