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Good News: Free Live Meditation Classes and Course Online

Join online free meditation course and classes for beginners and advanced in English and Hindi, on authorized Vedic knowledge of ‘simple healthy living, and high thinking’ at absolutely free of charge (E-course about five minutes reading per day). Only investment required is your faith

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One of the teachings from the meditation E-course: To become spiritual does not imply to stop material activities or profession. Everything belongs to the Supreme Personality of Goedhead so no point in artificially renouncing any material thing. Spirituality and meditation means that the material activities to be done in the mood or consciousness to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Also, one should not break the Vedic principles of religion. Also, if one also offers even a small percentage of the money earned from material work, the material work or profession becomes transcendental

How to join the classes online

Many online programs take place at the online class like lecture class and other. For schedule, click here

How to join the online meditation class?
Download Startmeeting app from this link:

Then at scheduled time of online lecture meditation class (5.45 pm India time and 4 am India time) use join from app and put the meeting ID sda5 or click here , you would hear an announcement message and music, then you would be able to successfully enter the class. You can also ask questions. No registration and no fees. Only requirement: Your sincerity, good headphone/mic

Important tip: To avoid doubt or difficulty to join the class, do the join process beforehand and see if you could hear an announcement and music. So you can be sure that you could join the meditation class successfully

Pleasant surprise : You can attend world famous free online meditation classes to fill the heart with love and bliss, get the details of the lectures

Online meditation classes to fill the heart with love and bliss with questions and answers, daily at 6.45 pm India time and at 5 am India time, of about one hour duration each (download startmeeting app for PC or mobile to access the classes). The direct startmeeting link to access the free classes at the above mentioned time can be accessed by clicking the button below

It can help you to become a better practitioner of any path and profession(computer, internet, lawyer, engineer or any other) which you follow

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It is absolutely free of charge, and for educational purposes

Important guideline : Meditation is mandatory for physical and mental fitness.

Practise transcendental meditation for body and mind in morning or any time in any city: Mumbai, Delhi, New York or any other.

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Become better practitioner of any path or profession (Information Technology, engineering, lawyer, computers etc) which you follow, via this Meditation email course online

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P.S  reminder : See that to join the e course you will have to click link in another confirmation email