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Abstract Charts of Labour laws and acts like building construction etc

abstracts to be displayed on notice board

abstracts of acts to be displayed

abstracts of various labour laws for display on notice board

Dimensions / Size of each abstracts is : 30 inches(broad) by 20 inches(long)

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Abstracts of labour laws to be displayed in India

The Indian government has published abstracts of all labor laws that have come into effect

The abstracts include the provisions of the new law, as well as the relevant sections of the existing law.

Importance of labour law abstract hanging charts to be displayed on notice board in India

It is an obligation of every employer to display/provide his employees with a copy of the labour law abstract. The employer must display the abstract prominently at the workplace. If the employer fails to do so, he will be liable to pay compensation to the employee.

Why labour law abstracts are to be displayed in India

The purpose of displaying the labour law abstract is to inform the employees about the rights and obligations under the law. This helps them to understand the legal provisions and take appropriate steps in case of any violation of the law.

Labour law abstracts under acts and laws in India

The labour law abstracts are prepared by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India. These abstracts contain the details of various labour laws enacted by the government.

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