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New Format Labour Law Registers Compliance Checklist India - 11 items

What would happen if employers do not keep new format labour law registers, (Product photo, price and description link at bottom of this description text)

Non compliance to maintain CLRA registers can lead to fines, penalties to Rs.3000 and/or imprisonment for 3 months,

Therefore, new formats of registers under contract labour act in to be maintained according to Chapter VII, Section 29 of the act,

Free your mind from labour law compliance to respective chapters and sections of the act,

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Read till bottom for price and photo link boxes for all Labour law and HR registers list,

HR compliance checklist in Central CLRA act valid for all over India,

To see CLRA registers for only Maharashtra, click here

What are the registers to be maintained under Contract Labour Act

Here is new list of registers and records to be maintained by contractor,

Registers or records under Labour Laws,

These are for central law. For only Maharashtra, click here

See photos, prices and you can order online from product format links at bottom of this description text..

Read till bottom for order process of new format Labour law registers and forms for easier compliance,

CLRA Registers for Central all India,

Labour Law Compliance India registers and books, and

Contract Labour Act Forms and Statutory compliance books list below (read below)

Registers to be maintained under labour laws

New formats of Registers under contract labour act,

Labour law registers, or
Compliance registers list, and also
Labour compliance register, and
form a b c d under contract labour act,

Registers to be maintained under labour laws,

Labour Compliance Register, as for example,

Use zoom tool on each of the linked Product Pages photos at bottom of this page,

Bare act book in English, of Industrial, and also

Get further information about the labour compliance register here

Registers to be maintained by principal employer under contract labour act,

Contract Act and other statutory legal or HR compliance registers, and that

Also, Registers to be maintained in HR department,

We also have abstracts and books under Contract Labour Act CLRA,

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