Factory act compliance register books

Factory act compliance register books

Factories act 1948 forms and registers for factory owner

What are the registers to be maintained under factories act

Registers to be maintained by factory manager 

Check out the (boxed) register list below for factories act compliance checklist

Use it even for general record keeping for office or workers

See inspection book here

and also here

For example accident register form 30

For inward register click here

Click here for muster roll register as per factories act

Hajri book monthly muster

Monthly muster book register

See paysheet register

See Register of adult workers form 17 and 29 combined

View Stock book register to maintain inventory and

Click the image formats below, to see prices, columns, description of other factories act registers

Also, see the images with formats for each for Factories act compliance register

For Labour compliance register for factory and other for maharashtra state, see here

CLRA registers or for compliance register under contract labour act central, click here

and see the registers to be maintained under contract labour act,

for example clra wage register or leave book

The below register books are to be maintained for clra registration

Check out form a b c d under contract labour act here

Click here to see full Factory act register list

See here the full list of statutory records to be maintained under Factories act.

Learn more about factory act compliance register here

For factories or assembly line manufacturing unit hr department compliance checklist,

see here

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