Factories act forms and registers

Factories act registers and forms

Care read till below for factory act compliance checklist

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Because of statutory books maintenance, and also

So also for quality control,

Below is list of legal registers to be maintained or,

P.S: Use some for general purposes too,

Then, for example, utilize attendance in out register book for other acts too, and

Click here for an overview of registers to be maintained as per factories act 1948, or

Then, check out some of the register statutory books to be maintained:

  • Register of adult workers, and
  • Leave with wages register, and
  • Inspection book, and
  • Bonus registers A, B, C, D, and
  • House Rent allowance IHRA, Form A House rent, and
  • Overtime register, and
  • Accident register, and
  • Maternity benefit register, and
  • Inward and Outward register, and
  • Form IIA rule 5, and
  • Wages Salary register, and
  • Attendance register, and
  • Limewashing register but also others, check out link beow

In conclusion, Click here for compliance checklist for Factory act statutory books, and also

Forms under Factories act 1948 for Maharashtra and all over India too

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