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13 Mandatory Factories Act Forms and Registers

Imagine what would happen if Factory manager or owner does not maintain new format Factories act registers and forms, (See photos, prices and you can order online from the product links at bottom of this description text)

Hard copies of registers under factories act to be maintained for labour inspector visit,

To prevent fines ranging from Rs.250 to Rs.10000 and other penalties from non compliance to respective chapters of factories act,

or can potentially cause rejection of licence to run factory

Free your mind from compliance of factories act as per Chapter VIII and avoid fines and penalties,

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Read ahead about why registers to be maintained under factories act,

What are the registers to be maintained under factories act 1948?

List of Registers to be maintained under factories act in India:-

Check out these 13 register statutory books to be maintained for factory inspection as per Chapter VIII of the Factories Act 1948:

Click each to reach respective register photo page

But also others in addition to the above Factories act registers list,

  • Form 7 Health Register,
  • Factory Inspection book form 28 and Form 31 also,
  • Form 11 under Maternity Benefit Act,
  • Form D Equal Remuneration Register, and also
  • Register of Compensatory Holidays,
  • Visitor Register Book,
  • Hajri book, and therefore also
  • Muster book,
  • Salary register book,
  • Stock register book,
  • Form F gratuity Pack of 50,
  • Gratuity form I,
  • Leave card as per factory act,
  • Notice of Period of Work Form 16 for Adult Workers Rule 98,
  • Accident report form 24 of factory act rule 115,
  • Whitewash Register As Per Factory Act

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Carefully read till bottom for factory act compliance checklist 

Compulsory hard copies of registers and forms to be maintained for factories act compliance officer inspection

for complying with new rules for maintaining combined registers under various labour laws

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Because of statutory books maintenance, and also

So also for quality control,

Below is list of legal registers to be maintained or,

For other factories act 1948 compliance registers like overtime, deduction, wages and others..

Click here to see CLRA registers for Factories act 1948,

That’s not all.. read till bottom 

Factories Act Compliance In India

A brief introduction about Factories Act Compliance In INDIA.

1. Factories Act compliance in India – An introduction

Factories Act compliance is an essential part of any factory. It ensures that factories comply with various regulations set by the government. These regulations ensure that workers are safe while at work and also protect the environment.

2. Registers to be maintained under factories act in India

Factory owners must maintain registers containing details such as name, address, contact number, etc. of every worker employed in the factory. They must also keep records of wages paid to each worker.

3. Benefits of factories act 1948 compliance in India

Factories Act 1948 compliance in India has been implemented by the government of India to ensure safety of workers in the country. It was enacted in 1948 to protect the rights of workers in the country and to prevent exploitation of them. This law ensures that the employers pay minimum wage to the employees and provide them with proper facilities.

4. Factories act registers list

According to factories act compliance checklist, a number of registers to be maintained by factory manager or owner for factory inspector in work hours

Are you looking for labour law registers to be maintained for factory? Click here for Maharashtra and click here for outside Maharashtra

Then, for example, utilize attendance in out register book for other acts too, and

Click here for an overview of registers to be maintained as per factories act 1948, or

In conclusion, Click here for compliance checklist for Factory act statutory books, and also

Forms under Factories act 1948 for Maharashtra and all over India too

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In the factory act, there are different types of information that is listed.

  1. The first type of information is the name of the factory, and

2. The second type of information is the address of the factory, and

3. The third type of information is the name of the owner of the factory, and

4. The fourth type of information is the name of the person who is responsible for the administration of the factory, and

5. The fifth type of information is the name of the person who is in charge of the production of the goods in the factory, and

6. The sixth type of information is the name of the person who is in charge of the labor in the factory, and

7. The seventh type of information is the name of the person who is in charge of the safety in the factory, and

8. The eighth type of information is the name of the person who is in charge of the hygiene in the factory, and also

9. The ninth type of information is the name of the person who is in charge of the financial affairs in the factory

a. What is the importance of Factories Act, 1948?

The Factory Act of 1948 is a landmark piece of legislation in India that governs the working conditions of workers in factories. This act was enacted with the objective of providing workers with a safe and healthy working environment, fair wages, and other benefits that would improve their overall quality of life.

The Factory Act applies to all factories in India that employ 10 or more workers and uses power, and 20 or more workers who do not use power. The act requires that all factories provide their workers with adequate ventilation, lighting, and clean drinking water, as well as maintain hygienic and sanitary conditions.

b. What are the main features of Factory Act 1948?

One of the key provisions of the Factory Act is the requirement for employers to provide workers with adequate rest breaks, including a weekly day off and breaks during working hours. The act also lays down regulations for the maximum number of working hours per day, as well as the maximum number of overtime hours that can be worked in a week.

The Factory Act also contains provisions for the safety of workers, including requirements for the safe use of machinery, proper storage of hazardous substances, and provision of personal protective equipment. In addition, the act requires employers to maintain a register of accidents and take necessary steps to prevent future accidents.

Another important aspect of the Factory Act is the provision of fair wages to workers. The act requires employers to pay workers a minimum wage, which is periodically revised by the government, and provides for the payment of overtime wages for any additional hours worked.

c. Factories Act, 1948 Important Points:

The Factory Act also provides for the inspection of factories by government inspectors, who are responsible for ensuring that the provisions of the act are being adhered to by employers. In case of non-compliance, employers can be fined, or even face criminal proceedings.

In conclusion, the Factory Act of 1948 is a crucial piece of legislation that has played a significant role in improving the working conditions of factory workers in India. The act ensures that workers are provided with a safe and healthy working environment, fair wages, and other benefits, and provides a framework for the enforcement of these provisions. The Factory Act remains a vital tool in promoting the rights of workers and improving the quality of life for those who work in India’s factories.

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