Society Maintenance Registers list

Society Maintenance Registers list, and

Register or statutory records account books maintained by Cooperative society, and

For Cooperative Housing and Credit Society, Path pedi, Sanstha, Sanghatan

and Federation, Unions, Trusts, and also NGOs

For example,

Society I Register of  members, and

J form Register for society click here

Minutes book of Board meeting of the society with format in photos below:-

MGM Minutes Book.  Call it Managing committee minutes meeting book register – click here ,

and also
AGM Minutes Book register of the annual meeting of the general body of the society

Housing society bill book, receipt book  or pavti book, and

Share Certificate

Share transfer or allotment register

O Form Society etc

All as per Maharashtra co-operative societies rules 1961

As per Model Bye law number 142 guidelines for documents required

Click any of the image formats below, to see price, columns, description etc.

The images with formats are for each for Society maintenance registers list

Click here to know the records and register books for accounts to be maintained by a CHS cooperative society

See the full list of register books and records to be maintained under Cooperative Housing society.

Explore the menu for registers list in top (in blue background)

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