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Books, Ledgers and Registers to be maintained by bank

Bank register book

Books, ledgers and registers to be maintained by bank

What are the registers to be maintained by banks?

Registers in banking

Books, ledgers and registers maintained by a bank

I know how frustrating it can feel if bank administration or any employer in India does not adhere to regulatory compliance ?

For Bank manager, the non-maintenance of new format of these 11 registers in hard copies can cause

  • Fines and penalties from non adherence to regulatory compliance of banking industry,
  • Lack of accuracy and transparency in financial reporting,
  • Fraud and improper management of bank,
  • Customer disputes

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List of Registers To Be Maintained for Bank management in India,

1) Cash Book
2) Current Account Ledger book,
3) Savings Bank Ledger,
4) Fixed Deposit Ledger,
5) Cheque issued Register,
6) Loan Register,
7) General Ledger,
8) Cheque Returned Inward Register,
Also used for bank administration are:
Letter rulled register,
Cash Summary register,
Vehicle loan register and others to afresh ledgers, transactions and records

For Bank Administration and compliance

Bank management,
Internal auditors,
Branch manager,
Accountants and cashiers,
Bank tellers,
Internal control department,
Reconciliation of bank statements and internal documents,
Compliance officer,
Concerned bank employee,

Not only for branch manager of banks but for compliance checklist connected to concerned administration and employer under labour law in India

For example

  • Registers to be maintained under contract labour act,
  • Bare act books in English,
  • Abstracts also to be maintained by employers to display on notice,
  • Labour attendance card, and
  • Other office and law stationary

Prevent fines from regulatory compliance,
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Registers to be maintained by banks

Book maintained by bank, for example,

  • Current account ledger
  • Savings account ledger
  • Fixed deposit ledger
  • ledger cash book
  • Cash summary register.
  • Cheque returned inward register.
  • Cheque returned outward register also available

and other Bank company register book to maintain records of

  • credit
  • debit
  • amount
  • cheque returned
  • cheque issue
  • cash summary and Bank register book

Books and registers to be maintained by banks

Also available:

Form 15G to be maintained by bank under section 197A and sub-sections (1) and (1A) of Income tax act 1961.

form 15H to be maintained by bank under section 197A and sub section 1c of the Income tax act, 1961

Citizen can use for self declaration to request not to deduct TDS on interest income

Both are self declaration forms to be submitted by individuals to the bank,

to request not to deduct TDS on income interest

Read here about form 15 G and form 15 H for banks to save TDS on income

See other books for banking companies here

Bapuji Stationery mart provides

  • Register book,
  • Abstract calendar charts of various labour laws to be displayed on notice board,
  • forms,
  • Industrial law books and
  • Legal stationery,
  • Office stationery etc

See here the official list of account books, ledgers and registers to be maintained by a bank,

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