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Registers to be maintained under bocw act

Registers to be maintained under BOCW act

Form IX Register of building workers,

Form X Register of Muster roll, and

Form XI Register of Wages. All available in new format to be maintained to avoid fines from non-compliance

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The building and other construction workers’ act, 1996 rules and legal registers to be maintained at site

(Regulation of Employment and conditions of service)

For central and also, for state of Maharashtra

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Each employer to maintain registers and records and give details of persons employed as building workers

Details such as work performed, number of hours of worked for day, day of holiday allowed in week, wages paid..

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Form ix, x and xi to be maintained under the building and other construction workers act, see Rule 53, Rule 54 (1)(a)

Read about the registers as per Government rules by clicking here

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Register of Building Workers Employed by Employer in form IX

Muster roll in construction form X register book Rule 54(1)(a)

Register of Wages Form XI

and other

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