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Registers to be maintained under shops and establishment act Maharashtra

Registers to be maintained under shops and establishment act Maharashtra,

New format of registers to avoid fines or penalties from non compliance to the act,

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The shops and establishments act register like salary, register of employment, muster book etc

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Muster roll cum wages register to maintain account of salary and attendance of workers of any office

Leave register book for layoff of workers

Inspection book to be shown to BMC inspector

Other registers and records to be maintained under maharashtra shops and establishments act

Attendance and muster cards in various sizes and shapes

Register of employment form J

Leave card form N

like salary register, muster book

and other office register books to be maintained under Shops act and in general

What documents are required for Shop Act Maharashtra?

Here is list of registers required to be maintained under Bombay Shops and Establishments act:

  • Leave Register Form M [Big] Rule 20(4)
  • Leave book Form O
  • Leave Card Form N Rule 20 (5)
  • Form J Employment Register Monthly Muster Rule 20 (1)
  • Salary register muster roll cum wages form II rule 27(1)
  • Muster roll register cum wage form II rule 27(1)
  • Form q attendance register muster roll cum wage rule 26 (1)
  • Inspector Visit book under
  • Register of Employment in Form J Muster
  • Attendance card for hajri of worker
  • Muster card (Small)
  • Labour Attendance card hajri cum Wages slip Rule 27(2)
  • Register of Lime washing in Form F Rule 12
  • Register of Employment Form K Rule 20(2)
  • Form L Notice of Holiday Rule 20(2) and 3, and also
  • Wages Register IIA Rule 5, and
  • Others

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Also, see here the records to be maintained under Maharashtra shops and establishments act

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