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Best Labour law books, latest bare act books – Industrial relations

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Labour and industrial law books

Keeping your business in compliance with India’s labour laws can be complex, but having a reliable guidebook can help. Labour law books are an essential resource for employers to make sure they understand and adhere to their obligations to employees and the government of India.

Importance of labour law books in India

The books help employers navigate the complex labour laws in India. Depending on the type of business and its location, businesses must comply with different labour laws. Labour law books provide a comprehensive overview of all relevant laws, duties, and responsibilities that your business must adhere to in order to operate lawfully. This knowledge is essential for any business operating in India and for LLB students, as it helps protect employees from exploitation and provides guidance on how to handle employment disputes.

Comprehend Your Rights and Duties as an Employer with Labour law bare acts

By having latest bare acts book handy, employers can easily comprehend their rights and duties under Indian law. These books provide a detailed outline of all necessary registrations, licenses, labor standards, benefits, and other legal obligations that a business must meet. It also provides an overview of government rules, regulations and notification requirements that employers should be aware of when assessing their legal obligations to employees. With this knowledge in hand, employers are in a much better position to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Get to know Changing Regulations Easily and Quickly with labour law bare acts

With Indian labour law books, employers can get a clear picture of their rights and responsibilities regarding employee welfare. This can help them stay updated on any changes to the laws as well as help them stay informed and compliant with the regulations at all times. Industrial bare acts books also provide quick access to relevant information which can be used for making important decisions quickly. Employers who have access to these books can avoid potential legal penalties for non-compliance with labour laws in India.

Find Solutions to Any Dispute or Conflict at the Workplace

Labour law books are convenient for finding solutions to employee disputes or any other kind of conflict that may arise at the workplace. By having access to legal guidance regarding these issues, employers can resolve disputes quickly and effectively. Accessing the right information in a timely manner will also help prevent any unnecessary delays in complaint procedures. Labour law agency bare acts books provide essential advice that can help employers make informed decisions without getting intimidated by legal jargon.

Latest List of Bare Acts in India

Labour Law Agency Publications Bare acts books Newest edition 2023:-

Best books on industrial relations and labour laws in India

Factories act, MRP Rs.490,

Shops and Establishments act, Rs.220,

Minimum Wages ac, MRP Rs.370,

Provident Fund act, MRP Rs.400,

Standing orders industrial employment act, MRP about Rs.160,

ESIC Rs.400,

Gratuity act Rs.160,

Contract labour act Rs.150,

Apprentices act Rs.175,

Cooperative housing society bye laws


registers to be maintained by society

See full list of Bare Acts of Labour and Industrial law in India here

Employers should also know this,

In addition, Registers to be maintained under labour laws

to avoid non-compliance with labour officer or inspector

What are the registers to be maintained under contract labour act?

As per contract labour act section 29,

the principal employer and contractor should maintain labour records and registers

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