Thick Quality C ruled register 55gsm


  • C ruled register 55gsm in tough quality
  • From Bapuji best in Mumbai and beyond
  • 3 quire register means how many pages
  • 4 quire register means how many pages
  • 5 quire register means how many pages
  • 6 quire register means how many pages
  • See answers to these 4 questions on this page
  • Value for money
  • To organize tasks, keep records, make notes, budgeting etc
  • PVC binding hard bound register
  • 11.9 kg ledger paper
  • 55 GSM thickness paper
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Get c ruled register 55gsm in Mumbai and beyond

Inquire at 8591081839

Single line copy available in

  • 1 quire,
  • 2 quire,
  • 3 quire,
  • 4 quire

Use this single line register to

  • Organize tasks,
  • Keep record,
  • Make notes,
  • Budgeting,
  • Track progress etc

Tough quality single line long register

Important and easy to be maintained by society or office as record book

Get c ruled register 1 quire today in durable quality which lasts longer,

Also available in other sizes

from Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai shop (since 1948).

Monday to Saturday 11 am to strictly 6 pm. Alternatively, place order from this page for express delivery. See reviews of this shop on Google here

1. Ruled register meaning:

Ruled register notebook means single line register. It serves multiple purposes in daily life and various industries. Here are some of the ways people utilize ruled registers:

2. Organizing Tasks in C ruled register:

People use ruled registers as to-do lists, keeping track of their daily tasks, and marking them off as they get done. It helps them stay organized and ensures that no task goes unattended.

3. Record Keeping in C-ruled register:

In business, use c-ruled register-55gsm-2 quire to keep track of financial transactions, inventory, and other important records. They provide a clear and concise record of important data, making it easier to review and analyze.

4. Note Taking in single line register copy:

Students and professionals alike use ruled registers to take notes during lectures, meetings, and workshops. The lines help keep writing neat and organized, making it easier to review and understand later.

5. Budgeting in Register notebook 500 pages:

People use ruled registers to track their expenses and stick to their budget. By writing down their income and expenditures, they can see where their money is going and make adjustments as needed.

6. Tracking Progress ruled register 2 quire and other sizes:

Fitness enthusiasts use ruled registers to track their progress in their exercise routines and diets. They record the number of reps, sets, weight lifted, and calories consumed, providing a visual representation of their progress.

In conclusion about ruled register book

Ruled registers serve as a versatile tool for organizing tasks, record keeping, note taking, budgeting, and tracking progress. Whether for personal or professional use, ruled registers offer a simple and effective way to keep track of important information.

That’s not all..

a, What is the size of a legal register?

Size of a genuine legal register book is 33 cm long, 22.5 cm broad and 1.6 cm thick

Ruled register 1 quire,
Ruled register 2 quire,
and Ruled register 4 quire

Quality: c-ruled register-55gsm

It is also called as Register notebook 500 pages

C Ruled Register for office record keeping

  • Useful for general notes or
  • Office record keeping work or for accounting work
  • Brand Anupam and
  • Get from Bapuji Stationery (since 1948)

Bapuji Stationery Mart, 6,Samarth Niwas, Jhaveri building, Corner Elphinstone bridge, Behind Nanumal Bhojraj hotel, Parel east, Mumbai 400012. Monday to Saturday 11 am to strictly 6 pm

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3 quire register means 204 pages

4 quire register means 272 pages

5 quire register means how many pages = 340 pages

6 quire register means how many pages = 408 pages

Bapuji Stationery Mart provides

  • Register account book,
  • Form,
  • Abstract and
  • Book for Acts and Laws with Office and School Stationery,
  • Notebooks, Long notebooks,
  • Rubber Stamps, Company Seal and more!

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From Brand Bapuji – Happy to serve you (since 1948)

Outer cover of the C ruled register may be of different colour,

But the inner content is same as per the item’s protocol or rule

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1 Quire(34 folios/68 pages), 2 Quire(68 folios/136 pages), 3 Quire(102 folios/204 pages), 4 Quire(136 folios/272 pages), 5 Quiire((170 folios/340 pages), 6 Quire(204 folios/408 pages)