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  • Cash summary register
  • 11.9 kg ledger paper
  • 80 GSM thickness
  • PVC binding hard bound register
  • From brand Bapuji Mumbai (since 1948)
  • Delivery all India
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To be maintained under:

  • Income tax act,
  • Money laundering act, and
  • Reserve Bank of India cash management and reporting directions

Cash summary book register is for keeping summary of transactions.

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The columns in Cash summary register are as follows :

  • Date, and
  • Add. received, and
  • Opening balance, and
  • Total, and
  • Cess paid, and
  • Closing balance, and
  • Denominations of notes and coins in
  • 200, 100, 50 etc, and also
  • Rupees in words
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Maintenance Cash summary register has many benefits for banking companies:

A cash summary register is a tool that is used to keep track of financial transactions, particularly those involving cash. In India, cash summary registers are commonly used in a variety of settings, including businesses, banks, and other financial institutions.

It can also be called as

  • Cash denomination register, or
  • Cash scroll register.

Used in retail or wholesale business, banks and otherwise to track cash flow

In a business setting, a cash summary register might be used to track the cash sales and expenses of the business. It might also be used to record the cash payments that are made to suppliers or employees, and to track the cash balances of the business.

In a bank or other financial institution, a cash summary register might be used to track the cash deposits and withdrawals of customers, as well as the cash balance of the institution.

Overall, cash summary registers are an important tool for keeping track of financial transactions in India, and they are used in a wide range of settings to help manage the flow of cash and ensure the accuracy of financial records.

From Brand Bapuji – Happy to serve you (since 1948)

Bank Register Book

A bank register book is a financial record-keeping tool used to track the activity of a bank account. It is typically used for personal or small business accounts and is a useful tool for keeping track of deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions.

Using a bank register book can help individuals and small business owners stay organized and on top of their finances. It allows them to see all of their transactions in one place, making it easier to spot mistakes or fraudulent activity. It can also help them keep track of their spending and budgeting, as they can see exactly how much money they have coming in and going out.

To use a bank register book, simply record each transaction as it occurs, including the date, type of transaction (such as a deposit or withdrawal), and the amount. Be sure to record all transactions, even small ones, as they can add up over time and impact your overall financial situation.

In addition to tracking transactions, a bank register book can also be used to record account balances and calculate interest earned. This can be especially useful for saving accounts or investment accounts, as it allows individuals to see the growth of their money over time.

Overall, a bank register book is a simple yet effective tool for managing and tracking bank account activity. It can help individuals and small business owners stay organized and on top of their finances, leading to better financial decision-making and stability.

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Books maintained by banking companies

Banking companies are required to maintain a variety of financial records and documents in order to accurately track and manage their business operations. Some of the books that are commonly maintained by banking companies include:

1. Ledger: A ledger is a book that is used to record financial transactions, such as the receipt of deposits, the disbursement of loans, and the payment of expenses. The ledger is typically organized by account, and it is used to track the balance of each account over time.

2. Cash book Journal: A journal is a book that is used to record financial transactions in chronological order, as they occur. The journal is typically used to record the details of each transaction, including the date, the amount, and the parties involved.

3. Cheque issue register :

A checkbook register is a book that is used to record the issuance and payment of checks. It typically includes a register of checks that have been written, as well as a supply of blank checks that can be used to make payments.

4. Credit card receipts: Banking companies may also maintain a record of credit card transactions, which can be used to track the payments that are made by customers using credit cards. Column cash books can be used for this purpose

Maintaining these books is an important part of the operations of a banking company, as it allows the company to accurately track its financial transactions and ensure the integrity of its financial records

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  • Register account book,
  • And also Form,
  • Abstract and
  • Book for Acts and Laws
  • with Office and School Stationery,
  • Notebooks, Long notebooks

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प्रयुक्त नकद सारांश रजिस्टर

  • में कॉलम
  • दिनांक, और
  • जोड़ें। प्राप्त किया, और
  • उद्घाटन संतुलन, और
  • कुल और
  • उपकर का भुगतान, और
  • संतुलन को बंद करना, और
  • में नोटों और सिक्कों का निषेध
  • 200, 100, 50 आदि, और भी
  • शब्दों में रुपया

उत्पाद विवरण में ज़ूम करने के लिए तस्वीर पर आवर्धक ग्लास टूल का उपयोग करें

रजिस्टर बुक का बाहरी आवरण रंग भिन्न हो सकता है

लेकिन आंतरिक सामग्री आइटम के प्रोटोकॉल या नियम के अनुसार समान है

ब्रांड बापूजी से – आपकी सेवा करने की शुभकामना (1948 से)

प्रारूप या उत्पाद के बारे में कोई संदेह?

कृपया उत्पाद के बारे में पूछताछ करें ताकि आप अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुसार उत्पाद प्राप्त कर सकें

संपर्क विवरण प्राप्त करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें और उत्पाद के बारे में पूछताछ करें, या

बापूजी स्टेशनरी मार्ट रजिस्टर खाता बही प्रदान करता है,

और अधिनियमों और कानूनों के लिए फॉर्म, एब्सट्रैक्ट और बुक भी

कार्यालय और स्कूल स्टेशनरी, नोटबुक, लंबी नोटबुक के साथ

रबर टिकटों, कंपनी सील और अधिक!

आइटम खोजने या कॉल करने के लिए यहां स्पर्श करने के लिए इस पृष्ठ पर खोज विकल्प का उपयोग करें

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Additional information

Weight1100 g

1 Quire(34 folios/68 pages), 2 Quire(68 folios/136 pages), 3 Quire(102 folios/204 pages), 4 Quire(136 folios/272 pages), 5 Quiire((170 folios/340 pages), 6 Quire(204 folios/408 pages)


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