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  • Company Minutes Book loose leaves
  • Pack of 100
  • Each sheet 13 inches into 8.5 inches
  • See what is minutes book
  • Binder Sheets
  • Use compulsorily to file corporate meeting
  • Papers under Companies Act 2013
  • For Mumbai and beyond
  • Delivery all India
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Get Company Minutes book sheets in genuine quality today from Mumbai shop,

Loose leaves for meeting minutes in size 13.5 inches into 8 inches,

Binder T shape cut (punched) sheets used for corporate office filing,

To compulsorily file corporate statutory records under Companies Act 2013,

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1. Importance and benefits of board meeting minutes book for Mumbai and beyond

What is Minutes Book?

A minutes book, also known as a corporate record book, is an important tool for any company in India. It serves as a permanent record of the proceedings and decisions made at meetings of the company’s shareholders and directors.

2. Companies Act compliance

One of the main reasons for maintaining a minutes book is to ensure compliance with the Companies Act, 2013. Under the Act, companies are required to keep records of meetings and resolutions passed by the shareholders and directors. The minutes book serves as proof of compliance with these legal requirements.

3. Legal requirement of corporate minutes book

In addition, a minutes book can be used as evidence in court in the event of a legal dispute. It serves as a reliable and unbiased record of the proceedings and decisions made at meetings, and can be used to resolve disputes over the actions of the company or its officers.

4. Transparency

Another important function of a minutes book is to provide transparency and accountability for the company’s actions. Shareholders and other stakeholders have the right to access the minutes book and review the proceedings and decisions of the company. This allows them to understand how the company is being run and to hold its officers accountable for their actions.

5. Progress track in Company minutes book

Maintaining the minutes papers can also be beneficial for the management of the company. It serves as a useful tool for tracking the progress of the company and identifying areas that need improvement.

6. Overall uses of minutes book in company law for Mumbai and beyond

In conclusion, a minutes book is an essential tool for any company in India. It helps to ensure compliance with the legal requirements, serves as evidence in legal disputes, promotes transparency and accountability, and supports the management of the company. It is important that companies maintain accurate and up-to-date minutes to avoid any legal repercussions.

How to fill, record or organize Minutes book in accordance with Indian company law

a. Prepare an agenda in the Company minutes book:

Before the meeting, prepare an agenda outlining the topics to be discussed and the decisions to be made. This will help to ensure that all relevant matters are covered and that the meeting is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner.

b. Record attendance in the board meeting minutes book:

At the beginning of the meeting, record the names of all attendees and the capacity in which they are present (e.g. as a shareholder, director, etc.). This would serve as proof of attendance in the event of any disputes.

c. Record proceedings in minutes book in company law:

During the meeting, record a detailed account of the proceedings, including any discussions, debates, and decisions made. It is important to include the names of the individuals who made the statements and any votes taken.

d. Include Resolutions:

Once the meeting is over, record the resolutions passed in the minutes book in company law. Be sure to include the exact wording of the resolution, the names of the individuals who proposed and seconded it, and the outcome of the vote.

e. Sign and date the minutes:

After the minutes have been prepared, they should be signed and dated by the chairman of the meeting and the company secretary or any other person appointed for the purpose.

f. Keep it safe and accessible:

Keep the minutes book in a safe place, such as a locked cabinet, and make sure that it is accessible to all shareholders and directors.

g. From where to get the minutes book?

Get Minutes book in company law today in premium quality

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Company Minute book binder sheets T punched

Call it as Company Minutes Book or

Minutes Papers Sheets to be punched into keybinder

Get the associated key binder

This is the thing..

This one is T cut Binder sheet, but Capsule cut binder sheets can also be purchased, (see photo link ahead)

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That’s not all about Minutes book of company..

In conclusion:

About the product :

Premium quality paper sheets

Paise vasool

  • From brand Bapuji (since 1948), and
  • Pukka invoice bill, and also
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  • It is also called as Minutes Papers, and
  • or as Minutes Sheets for Company

Other important points:

It is important to note that the minutes book should be maintained in a manner that they can be understood easily by any person who reads it and should be written in a language that is easily understandable. Also, the minutes book should be updated regularly and should be kept up-to-date.

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