New Format Students Attendance Register


  • Students attendance register
  • From brand Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai (since 1948)
  • Length 13 inches (33 cm),
  • Breadth 8.5 inches (22 cm),
  • 2 quires = 710 grams
  • 11.9 kg ledger paper
  • 80 GSM thickness
  • PVC binding
  • From brand Bapuji (since 1945)
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From Brand Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai shop – Happy to serve you (Since 1948)

See that although the external cover photos of student attendance register displayed here may not be the same,

but the inner content is same as per the item’s protocol or rule.

If any doubt about the format or product, inquire here via contact page so that you get the right product as per your requirement

Additional information


1 Quire(34 folios/68 pages), 2 Quire(68 folios/136 pages), 3 Quire(102 folios/204 pages), 4 Quire(136 folios/272 pages), 5 Quiire((170 folios/340 pages), 6 Quire(204 folios/408 pages)


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