Factory, PF, ESIC and Minimum Wages Inspection Book Rule 28


  • 80 GSM thickness
  • PVC binding hard bound book
  • From brand Bapuji (since 1948)
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Factory Inspection Book

of Size 25 by 3 in Triplicate

  • Factory Inspection Book for inspector Rule 28 of Size 25 by 3 – under the Factories Act 
  • It is also PF pr EPF, ESI and Minimum Wages Inspection book
  • Please view the product’s format photos on this page to verify your requirement
  • From Brand Bapuji – Happy to serve you (since 1948)
  • Please see that although the external cover photos displayed here may not be the same but the inner content is same as per the item’s protocol or rule
  • If any doubt about the format or product, pl inquire about the product so that you get the product as per your requirement

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Weight385 g


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