Form D Equal Remuneration Register फॉर्म डी समान पारिश्रमिक


Form D Equal Remuneration Register

To be maintained by employer in hard copy this year to submit to officer

Length 13 inches (33 cm), Breadth 8.5 inches (22 cm)

11.9 kg ledger paper

80 GSM thickness

PVC binding hard bound register

From brand Bapuji (since 1948)

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Form D Equal Remuneration Act 1976 Register See Rule 6,

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What is Form D under equal remuneration?

The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976 is a significant piece of legislation in India that aims to ensure that men and women receive equal pay for equal work. One of the key requirements of this act is the maintenance of a Form D register, which records the details of all employees and their wages.

What are the equal remuneration in the equal remuneration Act 1976?

The importance of the Form D register cannot be overstated. It serves as a crucial tool for employers to demonstrate compliance with the act and for the government to monitor and enforce compliance. Additionally, it also helps to prevent discrimination in the workplace and promote gender equality.

Uses of equal remuneration act form D register:

1) Employees to use Form D Under Equal Remuneration Act Register to raise complaint

The Form D register also serves as an important tool for employees to check if they are being paid equal wages as their counterparts. Any employee who believes they are not receiving equal pay for equal work can use the information in the Form D register to raise a complaint with the appropriate authority.

2) Employers to ensure compliance with the act

It is also important for employers to regularly update the Form D register to ensure that it reflects the current situation in the workplace. This can help prevent discrimination and ensure compliance with the act. Employers are required to maintain and submit this register to the concerned officer for compliance for gender equality in payment

In conclusion for Equal Remuneration Register

The Form D register is an important tool for promoting gender equality in the workplace and ensuring compliance with the Equal Remuneration Act, 1976. It serves as a valuable tool for employers, employees, and government authorities to monitor and enforce compliance and promote fairness in the workplace.

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How to fill Form D Equal Remuneration

In order to comply with the act, employers must maintain a Form D register that contains the following information:

  • The names and addresses of all employees
  • The nature of their work
  • The wages or salary paid to them
  • Any other terms and conditions of their employment.
  • Employers are also required to display a copy of the Form D register in a prominent place in the workplace, where it can be easily seen and accessed by employees.

Form D Equal Remuneration Register under Factories Act of India has following blanks to be filled:

  1. Name of Establishment with full address
  2. Number of workers employed
  3. Total number of men workers employed, and also
  4. Total number of women workers employed 

In addition, Equal Remuneration Register has following columns  to be filled :

  1. Category of works and also
  2. Brief description of works 

3.No. of men employed

  1. No. Of women employed, and
  2. Rate of remuneration paid

6.Basic wage of salary

7.Dearness allowance 

8.House Rent allowance

9.Other allowances, and also

  1. Cash value of Concessional Supply of essential commodities

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भारत के कारखानों अधिनियम के तहत प्रपत्र डी समान पारिश्रमिक रजिस्टर

फैक्टरी अधिनियम के तहत समान पारिश्रमिक फॉर्म डी नियम 6 रजिस्टर। अपनी आवश्यकता को सत्यापित करने के लिए इस पृष्ठ पर रजिस्टर के प्रारूप फ़ोटो देखें। ब्रांड बापूजी (1945 के बाद से) पी एल देखते हैं कि यद्यपि यहां प्रदर्शित बाहरी आवरण फ़ोटो समान नहीं हो सकते हैं, लेकिन आंतरिक सामग्री आइटम के प्रोटोकॉल या नियम के अनुसार समान है। यदि प्रारूप या उत्पाद के बारे में कोई संदेह है, तो pl यहां संपर्क पृष्ठ के माध्यम से पूछताछ करें ताकि आपको अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुसार सही उत्पाद मिल सके

भारत के अधिनियमों के तहत प्रपत्र डी समान पारिश्रमिक रजिस्टर में भरे जाने वाले रिक्त स्थान हैं:

  1. पूरे पते के साथ स्थापना का नाम
  2. कार्यरत कर्मचारियों की संख्या
  3. कार्यरत पुरुषों की कुल संख्या
  4. कुल कार्यरत महिला श्रमिकों की संख्या

भारत सरकार के कारखानों अधिनियम के तहत फार्म डी समान पारिश्रमिक रजिस्टर में निम्नलिखित कॉलम भरे जाने हैं:

  1. कार्यों की श्रेणी
  2. कार्यों का संक्षिप्त विवरण

3.No. नौकरीपेशा लोगों की

  1. कार्यरत महिलाओं की संख्या
  2. पुनर्जीवन की दर का भुगतान

वेतन का 6.Basic वेतन

  1. महंगाई भत्ता
  2. किराए का भत्ता
  3. अन्य भत्ते
  4. आवश्यक वस्तुओं की रियायती आपूर्ति का नकद मूल्य

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