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  • Measurement book in civil engineering
  • Thick tough quality which lasts longer
  • Securely packed in bubble wrap and colour paper
  • Express Delivery all India from Mumbai
  • 11.9 kg ledger paper
  • Length 33 cm, Breadth 22 cm
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Get Measurement book for civil engineering in new format today,

You can also call it M-book,

Free your mind of all measurements involved in civil engineering works,

New format to be maintained for records and compliance to avoid fines and penalties from non compliance to respective chapters for construction,

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1. Standard measurement book in civil engineering has the following columns and types:

  • Item numbers, and
  • Particulars,
  • Numbers,
  • Length,
  • Breadth,
  • Depth, and also
  • Quantity and
  • Remarks

2. What is measurement book in civil engineering?

Measurement book is an essential register hard copy in civil engineering that is used to record measurements and calculations of various construction activities. It is a record of quantities of work done and the materials used in a construction project. It is used to determine the cost of construction, track progress of work and to bill the client for the work done.

3. What to fill in the M book?

This is the thing..
Measurement book (register) contains detailed information about the construction activities including the type of work, the location of the work, the date of completion, and the quantity of work completed. It also includes information about the materials used in the construction industry, such as the type, quantity, and cost of the materials.

4. What is the importance of Measurment Book in Civil Engineering?

Measurement book is an essential document in civil engineering projects, especially for government-funded projects. It helps in ensuring transparency and accountability in the project. It also helps in settling disputes related to payment and progress of the project.

5. Timely construction project

Contractors, engineers, and surveyors should use the measurement book to calculate the cost of the construction project. They should also use it to track the progress of the construction project and to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Get detailed records of the work done and the materials used, which is used to prepare bills and invoices for the client, in the measurement book. This includes the cost of the labor and materials used, as well as any additional costs such as transportation and disposal of waste materials.

6. Inspection of work

In addition, use measurement book as a reference document during the inspection of the work done, to ensure that the work has been completed as per the specifications and that it meets the required quality standards.

In summary,

Measurement book is an essential legal compliance tool in civil engineering that records measurements and calculations of various construction activities.

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Standard measurement book for civil works is used for:

  • Civil construction and
  • Architectural building structure drawing (see demo video)
  • It comes in size of 136 pages (2 quires)
  • The Mbook is made of full canvas binding which lasts longer than conventional registers

It is made of

  • 11.9 kg ledger paper,
  • 80 GSM paper thickness,
  • and PVC hard binding

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मापन पुस्तक सिविल इंजीनियरिंग

आप इसे एमबुक भी कह सकते हैं

सिविल इंजीनियरिंग कार्यों में शामिल सभी मापों से अपने दिमाग को मुक्त करें,

इसे आज ही बापूजी स्टेशनरी परेल मुंबई की दुकान से पक्का प्रीमियम क्वालिटी में प्राप्त करें

पता: बापूजी स्टेशनरी मार्ट, 6, समर्थ निवास, झावेरी बिल्डिंग, कॉर्नर एलफिंस्टन ब्रिज, नानुमाल भोजराज होटल के पीछे, परेल ईस्ट, मुंबई 400012

उत्पाद के बारे में प्रश्न के लिए, 8591081839 पर सुबह 11 बजे से शाम 6 बजे के बीच (सोमवार से शनिवार) कॉल करें।

पूरी तस्वीर पाने के लिए पढ़ें पूरा…

सिविल कार्यों के लिए मानक माप पुस्तक का उपयोग किसके लिए किया जाता है:

सिविल निर्माण और

स्थापत्य भवन संरचना ड्राइंग

सिविल इंजीनियरिंग में मानक माप पुस्तक में निम्नलिखित कॉलम हैं:

  • आइटम नंबर,
  • विवरण,
  • अंक,
  • लंबाई,
  • चौड़ाई,
  • गहराई, और भी
  • मात्रा और
  • टिप्पणियां

यह 136 पृष्ठों के आकार में आता है (2 क्वियर)

एमबुक पूर्ण कैनवास बाइंडिंग से बना है जो परंपरागत रजिस्टरों से अधिक समय तक रहता है

ये बना है

11.9 किलो लेज़र पेपर,
80 जीएसएम पेपर मोटाई,
और पीवीसी हार्ड बाइंडिंग से

बड़ी तस्वीर के लिए यहां क्लिक करके होमपेज पर जाएं

अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नों के उत्तर के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

इस लिंक पर पुस्तक के और उपयोग पढ़ें

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