Thick Quality Minutes Book Sheets Of Company Loose Leaves मिनट बुक


Corporate minutes book papers

Pack of 100 loose leaves

Binder Sheet Capsule used for Companies Act in Mumbai and beyond

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Get Premium minutes paper binder sheets for company today,

Each loose leave size 13.5 inches into 8 inches,

Pack of 100 for filing meetings and minutes under Companies Act 2013,

To inquire, call 8591081839,

Read full and watch demo video ahead, to get clear idea

Uses and how to fill Minutes book papers of company for Mumbai and all India

The company minutes book is an essential part.

It should contain the following details:
1) Name of the company
2) Date of incorporation
3) Address of registered office
4) Names of directors
5) Names of secretaries
6) Names of auditors
7) Names of shareholders
8) Names of creditors
9) List of members
10) List of directors
11) List of shareholders
12) List of creditors
13) List of auditors
14) List of members
15) List of directors
16) List of shareholders
17) List of creditors
18) List of auditors.

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Use Minutes paper to file statutory records of company meetings

From where to get corporate minutes book papers?

Get it today in high caliber quality from Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai shop (since 1948) or

place order from this page for express delivery

Address: Bapuji Stationery Mart, 6,Samarth Niwas, Jhaveri building, Corner Elphinstone bridge, Behind Nanumal Bhojraj hotel, Parel east, Mumbai 400012. Monday to Saturday 11 am to strictly. Alternatively order from this webpage today, for two to three days delivery all India

Binder Sheet capsule book to be inserted and

In addition, look out for Minute Book Binder along with this,

This is the thing..

This minutes book of Company has paper hole capsule shaped,

To get T shaped socket to bind minute book sheets (ROC) corporate office filing

and for statutory records,

Look out for the Company Minutes Book T punch hole Binder sheets photo link ahead..

That’s not all about Minutes paper ..

Get other items under Companies Act, like

  • Statutory combined register
  • Fixed Assets register
  • Register of Members under Companies
  • and of course, Minute book binder to put these minutes sheets.
  • Price included on this page

Do you require Statutory Register under companies act 2013?

Get Register, minute book binder file, Industrial Law Book, Bare Act, Labour Law Books with price

and more at Bapuji Stationery Mart(since 1948)

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If any doubt, call 8591081839 today between 11 am and 6 pm

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Dimensions33 × 22 × 5 cm


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