Minute book papers for corporate office binder sheets under companies act 2013


Binder Sheet Capsule used for Companies Act

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Minutes Sheets pack of 100 for filing company meetings and minutes

Binder Sheet capsule book to be inserted and

Used under companies act 2013

Utilize the minutes sheets for private limited company to put in key binder

In addition, look out for Keybinder along with this, and also

This is the thing..

This minute book paper hole is capsule shaped,

To get T shaped socket to bind minute book sheets (ROC) corporate office filing

and for statutory records,

Look out for the Minutes Book T Binder sheets photo link below

That’s not all..

Get other items under Companies Act, like

  • Statutory combined register
  • Fixed Assets register
  • Register of Members under Companies
  • and ofcourse, Keybinder to put these minutes sheets
  • If any doubt, use the phone number or contact via email page linked on this page

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So choose either of the two as per your discretion

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Weight710 g
Dimensions33 × 22 × 5 cm


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