New Diwali to Diwali Diary, Rojmel book, April to March Diary, Letter Diary and other Important Record Books


  • Good thick quality Rojmel book
  • PVC binding hard bound Diwali diary
  • Track your expenses and income
  • Accounts and tax records,
  • Financial information, and
  • Make informed business decisions
  • From brand Bapuji (since 1948)
  • Shop in Mumbai but express delivery all India
  • Hyperlocal same day delivery available (charges applicable)

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Get Rojmel book from Stationery shop (reputed since 1948)

Are you not bothered to track your

  • Expenses and income,
  • Accounts and tax records,
  • Financial information, and
  • Make informed business decisions with

New Rojmel book, Letter Diary, April to March Diary and Diwali to Diwali Diary?

Get today in good thick quality from Bapuji Stationery Parel Shop(since 1948). 11 am to strictly 6 pm. Monday to Saturday. Delivery all India

Genuine Rojmel book Diwali to Diary diary or

Diwali book diary Newest for how to celebrate Diwali

If looking only for April to March diary, then click here

Read full page to get clear idea and links..

List of diaries and Rojmel books available for Diwali:-

Diwali to Diwali Diaries
Diwali to Diwali LETTER Diaries
April to March Diaries
April to March LETTER Diaries
C Rulled Register
Petty Cash Book
Two Column Cash Book
Triple Column Cash Book
Ledger Account Book and
Other for Company, Factory or Society registers to be maintained

The time after Dassera is considered best to maintain new Record books, Registers for Business or Society with Rojmel book and DIwali diary.

Here is the list with MRP

Diwali to Diwali Diaries:-

1) Diwali to Diwali Diary Number 5 MRP Rs.325
2) Diwali to Diwali Diary Number 6 MRP Rs.495

Diwali to Diwali LETTER Diaries:-

1) Letter Diary Plain MRP Rs.550
2) Letter Diary Cash Column Rs.570

April to March Diaries:-

1) Number 6 MRP Rs.495

April to March LETTER Diaries:-

1) Plain MRP Rs.590
2) Cash Column MRP Rs.610

From Bapuji Stationery Parel, people buy after Dassera these record books to track expenses

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Continue to read till below for important links for Rojmel book in Gujarati and English and also,

Rojmel book format…

From Brand Bapuji – Happy to serve you (since 1948)

Column Names

That’s not all..

Get Rojmel book Diwali to Diwali and April to march diary ,

or Diwali to diwali,
New Trading cycle,
Sanctified to keep records
Gujarati printed

Get it today
Any doubt about the format or product?
Please inquire about the product so that you get the product as per your requirement

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Looking for April to March diary

See April to March diary by clicking here

Cash books like petty cash, ruled registers, column cash books commonly purchased at time of festive season also available at the shop. See photos and MRP by clicking here

Please inquire or call so that you get the right product as per your requirement

Bapuji Stationery Mart provides

  • Register account book or
  • Form,
  • Abstract and
  • Book for Acts and Laws
  • with Office and
  • School Stationery,
  • Notebooks, Long notebooks

Additional information

Weight605 g
Diary type

Diwali to Diwali diary Number 5, Diwali to Diwali diary Number 6, Sumangal Diwali to Diwali letter diary Plain, Sumangal Diwali to Diwali letter diary cash column

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