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  • Visitor register book
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  • 11.9 kg ledger paper
  • 80 GSM thickness
  • PVC binding hard bound register
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Imagine what would happen if you do not maintain visitor register in new format,

To avoid penalties, security problems, Regulatory error, and break of trust,

To keep track of visitors details,

Get Visitor Register book today in new format today through ‘Add to cart’ button on this website of Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai shop (quality trusted since 1948).

Delivery all India. Delivered usually in 3 days

Free your mind about details of visitors to your place,

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Read the 7 benefits till bottom,

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Use this register for

  • Name,
  • Time in,
  • Time out,
  • Date,
  • Signature visit book of visitors to the place, and

Available in pakka premium quality which lasts longer,


Get it today from Bapuji Stationery Parel Mumbai shop (trusted since 1948)

11 am to strictly 6 pm. Sunday closed

Read the 7 points on this page below

Are you employer or manager?

Visitor register maintained in hard copy by employer for key uses listed ahead on this page..

Common benefits Of Visitor Record Book

Visitor register has many benefits

Visitors can leave notes in the visitor register book. These notes can help you identify trends in your business. For instance, if you notice that people visiting your office tend to come at certain times of day, you might consider scheduling meetings during those times. This will allow you to meet with more clients at once.

Visitor register books are an essential part of any business or organization in India. These books serve as a record of all the visitors who come to the premises, providing valuable information about the frequency of visits, the purpose of the visit, and the duration of the visit.

There are many uses of visitor register books in India, and they are used by a wide range of businesses and organizations. Some of the key uses of visitor register books in India are:

  1. Security and safety: Visitor register books are an essential tool for maintaining the security and safety of a premises. By recording the details of all visitors, businesses and organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the premises. This can help to prevent unauthorized access, which can be a major security risk.

2. Legal compliance: Many businesses and organizations are required by law to maintain a record of all visitors to their premises. Visitor register books provide an easy and convenient way to comply with these legal requirements.

3. Employee safety: In some cases, businesses and organizations may want to keep track of the visitors who come to the premises to ensure the safety of their employees. For example, if a visitor has a history of aggressive behavior, the business may want to know if that person has visited the premises.

4. Marketing and customer relations: Visitor register books can also be used as a marketing tool. By recording the details of visitors, businesses can gather valuable information about their customer base, which can be used to improve marketing efforts and customer relations.

5. Tracking trends: By analyzing the data collected in the visitor register book, businesses and organizations can track trends in the number and type of visitors they receive. This can help them to identify areas of growth or decline, and take appropriate action.

Overall, visitor register books are an essential tool for businesses and organizations in India. They provide valuable information about visitors, help to maintain security and safety, and assist with legal compliance. By using a visitor register book, businesses and organizations can improve their operations and better serve their customers.

Other benefits:

6. Office Visitors management Who Came And At What Time And Purpose Of Visit
Visitor records are also helpful when you need to find out how much money was spent by clients during a certain period of time. This will help you determine whether you should raise prices or lower them.

7. Benefits to keep records of visitors to office
Keeping visitor records is beneficial because it allows you to see how often people come into your office and what they spend their time doing. You can use these numbers to make decisions about pricing and other aspects of your business.

From where to get Visitor book?

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Visitor book also available. Inquire from number given on this page

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Read till bottom to get full picture and useful links..

The Columns in Visitor Register book are as follows:

  • Name of visitor ,
  • Date of visit and,
  • Time in for visiting person,
  • Out time of visit,
  • Signature of Visitors

Buy Visitor Register Book Today In Premium Paisa Vasool Pakka Quality

with full canvas binding which lasts longer than any other conventional register binding

Product brand Ekal, and Quality Picked by Brand Bapuji for Durability

Visitor Register Book For Any Office Or Business..

A visitor record  book is an essential tool for any business. It helps keep track of who comes to visit your office and what they do while there.

Visitors to your office should be able to sign in at reception, and leave a message on your voicemail system. Your visitor logbook will help you remember who came by, when, and what they did.

That’s not all..

Enter Notes About Each Visit Of Guests
You can enter notes about each guest into the visitor register book.

  • If you see visitors coming back frequently, you can add them to a list of repeat customers.
  • Or, if you notice that one particular client has been leaving negative comments about your company online, you can note that fact in the visitor register book so you can address the issue before it becomes a problem.

Also called as:-

  • Visitor entry register book, or
  • Office visitor register book, or
  • Detailed visitor register book

Get started today..

Free your mind of the doubt of who came in and went out of the office facility

Visitor logbook or record book to be maintained in all offices

To help keep safety record of who came in and went out of office facility

To manually collect visitor data like name, signature, date when people enter your building or office

Read till bottom to full picture and useful photo links..

Visitor Register book to keep track of visitor details like name, time in, time out, date, signature of visitors to your place, and also

Use columns like Name of Visitor, time when visitor entered and moved out, signature of visitor and so on

Bapuji Stationery Mart provides

  • Register account book रजिस्टर बुक,
  • Form,
  • Abstract and
  • Book for Acts and Laws
  • with Office and School Stationery, Notebooks, Long notebooks

विजिटर रजिस्टर

How this book benefits you?.. watch this demo video:

Continue to read till bottom to full picture and important links..

विज़िटर रजिस्टर में आपकी जगह पर आने वाले आगंतुकों के नाम, समय, समय, तारीख, हस्ताक्षर जैसे आगंतुक विवरणों पर नज़र रखने के लिए रजिस्टर करें

  • आगंतुक रजिस्टर बुक
  • अपनी आवश्यकता को सत्यापित करने के लिए कृपया इस पृष्ठ पर उत्पाद के प्रारूप फ़ोटो देखें

कृपया देखें कि यद्यपि यहाँ प्रदर्शित बाहरी आवरण फ़ोटो समान नहीं हैं, लेकिन आंतरिक सामग्री आइटम के प्रोटोकॉल या नियम के अनुसार समान है

यदि प्रारूप या उत्पाद के बारे में कोई संदेह है, तो उत्पाद के बारे में पूछताछ करें ताकि आप अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुसार उत्पाद प्राप्त कर सकें

बापूजी स्टेशनरी मार्ट

रजिस्टर खाता बही, प्रपत्र, सार और पुस्तक अधिनियमों और कानूनों के लिए प्रदान करता है कार्यालय और स्कूल स्टेशनरी, नोटबुक, लंबी नोटबुक और अधिक!

विवरण पर नज़र रखने के लिए रजिस्टर बुक, जैसे नाम, समय, समय, तारीख, अपने स्थान पर आगंतुकों के हस्ताक्षर, और भी

नाम जैसे कॉलम का उपयोग करें, जब आगंतुक प्रवेश किया और बाहर चला गया, आगंतुक के हस्ताक्षर और इतने पर

आगंतुक रजिस्टर बुक में दिए गए कॉलम इस प्रकार हैं:

  • आगंतुक का नाम,
  • तारीख ,
  • समय शुरू,
  • समय समाप्त,
  • आगंतुक का हस्ताक्षर।

ब्रांड बापूजी से – आपकी सेवा करने की शुभकामना (1948 से) रजिस्टर बुक का बाहरी आवरण रंग भिन्न हो सकता है

लेकिन आंतरिक सामग्री आइटम के प्रोटोकॉल या नियम के अनुसार समान है प्रारूप या उत्पाद के बारे में कोई संदेह? कृपया उत्पाद के बारे में पूछताछ करें ताकि आप अपनी आवश्यकता के अनुसार उत्पाद प्राप्त कर सकें

बापूजी स्टेशनरी मार्ट रजिस्टर अकाउंट बुक या प्रदान करता है प्रपत्र, सार और भी अधिनियमों और कानूनों के लिए पुस्तक कार्यालय और स्कूल स्टेशनरी के साथ, नोटबंदी, लंबी नोटबंदी रबर टिकटों, कंपनी सील और अधिक!

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Additional information

Weight605 g
Dimensions33 × 22.5 × 1.5 cm

1 Quire(34 folios/68 pages), 2 Quire(68 folios/136 pages), 3 Quire(102 folios/204 pages)


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