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Bare act books price for Administrative, Constitutional, Industrial and Labour law

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Constitution bare act and labour law books

Bare acts and books of Industrial law with price

All Labour law books bare acts and

Administrative law bare act

bare act law books

Bare act of labour law

Constitutional law bare act

Law bare acts in newest versions,

For example, Factories Act 1948 book

Bare act of labour and industrial law

New bye laws of the co operative housing society

List of Bare Acts in India :

1) Provident Fund or pf bare act
2) ESIC or esi act bare act
3) Equal Remuneration 
4) Bare act factories act 1948
5) Labour Law for everybody 
6) L.W.F Act 
7) M.W Act 
8) Bonus Act  
9) Gratuity Act 
10) Payment of Wages Act 
11) Trade union act 1926 bare act
12) Weekly Holiday
13) Sexual Harassment
14) Prevent of Children 
15) Sexual offence
16) Industrial dispute act bare act or bare act of industrial dispute act 1947
17) Payment of wages act 1936 bare act
18) Mv act bare act of motor vehicle act 1988
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This is the new available price list:

Professionals Publication New Edition 2022

Provident Fund act MRP Rs.340,

BOCW act MRP Rs.250,

Minimum Wages act Rs.130,

Contract act, Rs.130,

Gratuity act, MRP Rs.110,

Sexual Harassment MRP Rs.60,

Motor Vehicle act, MRP Rs.170,

Trade Union Act, MRP Rs.90,

Apprentices act, MRP Rs.180,

Private security agency, MRP Rs.180,

Labour Law Agency Publications New Edition 2022

Factories act, MRP Rs.480,

Shops and Establishments act, Rs.220,

Minimum Wages ac, MRP Rs.350,

Provident Fund act, MRP Rs.400,

Standing orders industrial employment act, MRP about Rs.150,

Labour Law Agency Publications Old Edition 2021

ESIC MRP Rs.325,

Maternity Benefit act, MRP Rs.50

Bonus act, MRP Rs.60,

Gratuity act, MRP Rs.100,

Workmens compensation act, MRP Rs.170,

Child labour act, MRP Rs.40,

HR act MRP Rs.50,

Equal Remuneration act, MRP Rs.35,

Sales promotion act, MRP Rs.35,

Immigrant migrant workers act, MRP Rs.40,

Private security agency, MRP Rs.80,

Motor Transport Vehicle act, MRP Rs.50

See also old prices:

1) Labour Law Rs.300
2) Shop Act Rs.180
3) Kamdar Kayde
4) Building Construction Rs.300
5) Gratuity Rs.80
6) Wages Rs.80
7) Standing Orders Rs.100
8) Weekly Holidays Rs.25
9) Private Security Guard Rs.90
10) Sales Promotion Rs.40
11) RERA Rs.395
12) Society bye laws Rs.350 or new bye laws of the co operative housing society
13) Vivastha Vyavastha Rs.495
14) Upvidhi Rs.220

and many others in English, Hindi and Marathi

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