Statutory compliance register books list

Register Books रजिस्टर बुक For Acts and Laws To Keep Records And Accounts

Complete List नोंद वही for account opening new accounting year

Register book sizes 1 Quire = 34 Folios = 68 Pages
2 Quires = 68 Folios = 136 Pages
3 Quires = 102 Folios = 204 Pages

Price Per Each नोंद वही :-
1 Quire Rs.354
2 Quires Rs.708
3 Quires Rs.1062
3 Quires with Numbering and Indexing Rs.1180

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Carefully read till bottom, to see complete list of registers. Find the product which matches your requirement

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Some registers are common to more than one category list below, so it is strongly recommended that you read full list below from top to bottom to find your requirement..
  • Office stationery notebook or school register book
  • with images and formats
  • Labour Law Books,
  • Industrial Law Books,
  • Forms of Acts and Laws

Complete List of Register Books Nond wahi नोंद पुस्तक for general record keeping and as per forms of Acts and Laws (See list carefully till bottom) :-

We sell different Labour Law Books, register notebook रजिस्टर बुक and forms for acts and laws. These include
  • Register for school,
  • Account book for office,
  • Office register book,
  • Register for accounting,
  • Factories act compliance officer books
  • Field measurement book and sheet, used for civil construction, building, tailor alteration, and other general uses, and also
  • other forms and office registers which you need
Click any of the numbered headings below to directly jump to a particular category…
See photos, prices, and description of GST register books or forms here

Shop and Establishments Act

1) Muster book and attendance register – Form J (Rule 20(1) , H Rule 20(1) , K Rule 20 (2)
2) Visit book for Shop Act, and Bond register book
3) Register of wage Form IIA
4) Leave register form M Rule 20 (4)
5) Leave card form N Rule 20 (5)
6) Attendance hajri card cum Wage slip rule 27 (2)
7) Lime wash form F
8) Salary register book Muster cum Wage form II rule 27(1) and New version form Q rule 26(1)
9) Form O Leave register (New), Peon book for courier document records and other uses

See photos, prices, and description of forms and registers to be maintained under shops and  establishment act here

Factories act compliance registers. Books and forms for statutory or hr compliance inspector obligation

List of registers to be maintained under factories act compliance officer

A) Form I pad for Gratuity or
B) Form F Gratuity pad
C) Accident report Form 24 of factory act (few spare forms available) and
D) Notice of Period form 16

See photos, prices, and description of Factory act compliance checklist here

Muster book attendance registers

A) Register of adult workers Muster 17 form and 29 combined or
B) Hajri attendance book
C) Attendance register time signature in and out for Check In Check Out , and
D) CLPL Muster register

Wage registers

A) Wage Form IIA rule 5 register or
B) Paysheet register

Inward, Outward, Visitor register books

A) Inward register or
B) Outward register , and
C) Visitor register book

Leave register books and cards

A) Leave book and
B) Leave card

Inspection books

A) Record of Lime Washing Painting etc Form 8 Rule 20 and 51 booklet size 12 Folios, and
B) Form 31 Surgeon Remarks, and
C) Inspection book form 28

Bonus registers

A) Form A Bonus Act Register, and
B) Bonus B register Rule 4(b)
C) Bonus form c register and also
D) Form D Bonus Annual Return Rule 5 pad

Maternity benefit register and forms

A) Maternity benefit register form 10
B) Maternity benefit annual return form 11
C) Form d Rule 6 equal remuneration act 1976 register for employer contractor

House Rent registers Form A and I HRA

A) House Rent allowance account book form A HRA rule 4 and
B) I HRA House Rent allowance register rule 12

Holiday, Overtime, Accident and Health register

A) Accident register form 30
B) Health register form 7
C)  Form 14 holiday register and
D) Form 15 overtime register

See photos, prices, and description of the above-type register books here

Account book Registers under Sales Promotion Act

Form B , Form D,  Form E,  and C cards

See photos, prices, and description of Sales promotion act register books or forms here


1) Form 32 esic Regulation form 7
2) ESIC Accident register
3) Form 1 Return of Declaration
4) ESIC Form 16 accident and also
5) ESI form 37

See photos, prices, and description of ESI act forms or register books here

Provident Fund Act

  1. Pad Declaration Form no. 2 epf
  2. Form 19
  3. PF 10 C
  4. Form 10 and
  5. Form II

See photos, prices, and description of EPF act forms or register books here

Minimum Wages Act 

1) Register of Fine – Form I
2) Register of Deduction – Form II
3) Overtime Register – Form IV
4) Muster Register – Form V
5) Register of Advance – Form VI and
6) Wage Register Form X & other under Payment of Wages act

Hotel and other register book for Luxury tax act

1) Form 1 pad 100 pages
2) Form 2 book 50 by 2
3) and Form 3 pad 100 pages and
4) Hotel register book

See photos, prices, and description of Luxury Tax register books here

Registers to be maintained under contract labour act Maharashtra

1) Register of Contractors in form viii for progress of contract work rule 55
2) Form ix register of Workmen
3) Muster roll form 12 xii
4) Register of Wages Form xiii
5) Form xvi register of Deductions for Damages or loss
6) Form xvii register of Fine
7) XVIII Form register of Advance
8) and Form XIX register of Overtime
9) Wages slip form XV – 100 pages and
10) Muster cards form X and Other Labour Law Registers

See photos, prices, and description of Contract Labour Act State rules register books here

…and under Central Contract labour act clra registers list all India:

1) Form XII register of Contractor rule 74

2) Register of Workmen form xiii to be employed by contractor
3) Register of Muster Form xvi
4) Form XVII register of Wages
5) Form XVIII register of Muster cum Wages
6) Register of Deduction Form xx
7) Form XXI register of Fines
8) Form XXII register of Advance
9) and XXIII Form Overtime register
10) Wages Slip form xix and
11) Muster cards form xiv and others 

Form A B C D E under Contract Labour Act

Also new format Contract Labour Law 2017 Compliance registers as per acts and laws, click here to see: form a b c d under contract labour act register book ( Form d attendance register , Wages Register form b , form a employee register , etc)  are available! and Labour Act Forms and books, also called as abcd register

Employee Register Form A

See photos, prices, and description of Contract Labour Act Central law register books here

BOCW act Muster roll in construction and others

1) Form IX Account Book Register of Building Workers Employed by Employer Rule 53
2) Muster Roll in construction Form X Register Account Book Rule 54 (1) (a)
3) Register of Wages Form XI Rule 54 (1)(a) for Building Construction Workers Rules

Forms for Octroi

1) N Form

Statutory register, Minutes paper, Keybinder and registers to be maintained under Companies Act 2013

1) Statutory Register under Companies Act 2013 – Combined Consolidated (Newest version)
2) Key binder for filing of statutory records of company meetings and minutes
3) Binder sheets – Minutes Papers

4) Registers of Directors Companies Act 2013

5) Fixed Assets Register and other for private limited company

See photos, prices, and description of the record keeping books under Companies Act here

Credit Society, Sanstha, Sanghatan

1) Loan book and Account register book
2) Loan Ledger
3) Saving account ledger
4) Fixed Deposit register
5) Cheque Issued register
6) Recurring register
7) Dividend register
8) Share ledger register
9) Daily deposit (Dainandini) register and
10) Pigmy register

Forms, Statutory documents and Society maintenance Registers for Society Housing Co-op or Credit, Sanstha, Sanghatan, Pathpedi, Trusts, Unions

Forms and Society Bye Laws

1) Member application form
2) Society Transfer form
3) 14 Nomination form
4) 8 Associate member form
5) Society maintenance bill format
6) Society Receipt book
7) Society Debit Voucher
8) O Form for society audit rectification and also
9) Share certificate book and new bye Laws For co operative Housing Society

Society I and J register and others

1) Managing Committee Minutes Book
2) AGM Annual Minutes book General Meeting Attendance Register
3) Cash book
4) J Form register for housing society
5) Form I register of members
6) General ledger
7) Personal ledger
8) Sinking Fund register
9) Dead stock register
10) Investment register
11) Surety register
12) Share Transfer Register
13) Rent register
14) Loan register
15) Nomination register
16) Property register and
17) Monthly collection register and also 18) Shareholder register

See the list of records and books of accounts required for cooperative Housing society here

and the photos, prices, description here

Column cash book

  1. Registers for Banks
  2. Rectified spirit and denatured alcohol DS IV register books
  3. Ruled and Letter Ruled register
  4. Single column cash book
  5. Two Column Cash Book (Double) and Triple Column Cash Book (Three)
  6. Petty Cash Book and Simple Column Cash Book
  7. Gold loan register ( सोने तारण ) and others
  8. Measurement book for civil construction, structure, architectural building drawing, tailor alteration and general uses
  9. Form 12C
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